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Tennessee Mental Health Evaluations for Immigration Cases

Bonny O’Neill is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider (LPC-MHSP, C-DBT) in the State of Tennessee trained to provide in-depth psychological evaluations and reports used to determine whether individuals will be able to remain lawfully in the United States. The evaluations include the client's medical, cultural, family, and mental health history as well as information specific to the client's case. Industry approved evaluation tools will be used during the course of the assessment. All evaluation sessions are confidential.

Important Information

Important Information

  • A psychological evaluation strengthens the case of a client.

  • The therapist cannot make any guarantees regarding legal outcomes. 

  • The evaluation is a non-biased presentation of the psychological and behavioral facts of the case.

  • The legal outcome is in the hands of the lawyer, judge, and court of law. 

  • A report can vary from 10 to 30 + pages depending on a case’s circumstances.

  • Time frame for a completed evaluation and report: 14 to 25 business days from date of 2nd interview.

  • Expedited services are available for an additional cost. (See fee details below.)

  • Evaluations can be conducted via a HIPAA-compliant video platform or in-person. 

  • Sessions will be conducted in English and referrals to a professional interpreter may be provided. Cost of the interpreter will be the responsibility of the client.


What to Expect


Before Your 1st Scheduled Evaluation Session:

You will be sent a questionnaire asking details pertinent to your case. You will be required to complete the following prior to your first interview: 

  • Informed consent of services

  • Release of information to communicate with your legal representative regarding details of your case.



The first clinical interview will last between 1.5 to 2 hours. Following this evaluation, you will be sent additional clinical assessments to complete prior to your second interview session.


This second clinical interview will be conducted one week after the first clinical interview and will also last 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, we will go deeper into your history and examine the information from the assessments you completed in-between interviews. 


Results from the clinical evaluation are written up, and a final report is provided to the attorney and the client. The final report is completed within a 3-4 week period. Delays with the final evaluation reports can be affected by the complexity of the case and/or final payment completion; the client will be notified if such will be the case.

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Fees & Policies


In-depth Psychosocial Evaluation: $1,000

  • 3-4 hours for client evaluation by personal detailed clinical interview 

In-Depth Report: $1,000

  • Detailed report with history, assessment scores, diagnosis, and recommendations

  • Includes consultation with clients attorney's and re-write drafts.

  • Mental health support referrals will be made, if necessary, for no additional fees.

*Rush Fee (if final report is needed in less than 3 weeks from time of second interview): $250

TOTAL FEE FOR SERVICES: $2,000 to $2,250 (pending expedited services)


The total cost of services may be more than $2,000 should a client miss or late-cancel interview sessions. See policies below on late cancellations and missed appointments for more details.


We accept credit cards, cashier's checks (not personal checks), or cash. HSAs may also be accepted for evaluation services.


A payment plan is available but will require an active and current credit card on file. Declined cards and missed or late payments will delay the report completion.

The full payment ($2,000) is due at the time of service.


If a payment plan is needed, $500 is due to hold the 2 appointment times. Another $500 is due at the time of the first appointment. The remaining total is due before the final draft of the evaluation report. 

Credit cards will not be charged without permission.

Appropriate documentation/consent forms will be required to confirm your appointment.

Cancellations & Late Arrivals

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy in effect for Immigration Evaluations. 

  • If the appointment is canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice, you will be subject to a $250 fee.

  • If you do not show up and do not call (no call/ no show) for your appointment, you will be charged $250.

  • If you arrive 15 mins or more late, we will need to reschedule your appointment, and you will be subject to a $250 late cancellation fee because we will not be able to complete the full session.

  • In all the above scenarios, the active card on file will be charged. The appointment time is secured for only you. Late cancellations are not always able to be filled by other clients with short notice.


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